Minutes of Meeting 4th December 2011

Meeting VI of the Community-building working group

In attendance: Jess, Maria, Brian, Moritz, Oskar, Marlena, Nanko, Rienk, Han, Birthe

Kult, Sunday Dec 4, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Welcome speech

– proposal by Jess > all agreed

– modified consensus – 75% or 90%


News on the Sluiskade Occupy Camp

– event by Harry Loco was pretty nice, against expectations there were no candles

– Monday, table and chairs in front of camp – give out coffee for workers

– invitation to meet at the occupy place

– last GA had discussion point of making the camp more open

– asking for people to run information camp and flyer distribution

– they have part-time occupiers


– ask at beginning of meetings what the language will be – translate English/dutch

– ask at the University of someone wants to translate

– exchange weekly emails


Reporting on Info night

– got lots of good feedback from lots of people – appreciated

– already informed people wanted to know more – but this was general meeting for not already knowing people

– probably 50/60 people in audience

– what could we do differently?

– afterwards – talk to people you do NOT know

– having cookies

Article in Hanze

– no news

Group name/claiming GA status?

Occupy Groningen Community-building Working Group –all agreed

Forming working groups

– facilitation working group

– fb events, plan meeting dates, update website, make agenda, make sure there is moderator, locations

– volunteers: Oskar

Movie night

– advertising

– Maria –  flyer proposal

– add: there is discussion after the movie

– one site English, the other dutch

– A4 poster

– pick up at Jess office after 10am

– distribute to everyone

– Birthe to check with Eddie, how long the discussion after the movie can be

– moderation of discussion Oskar and Brian

Updating blog

– Jess made a community-building wordpress blog > Birthe to update – all agreed

– other people to moderate facebook

– Oskar > to be admin on fb


Google groups

– Birthe created group for easier communication – all agreed

– maybe check if there is alternative to google

Ideas for next event

– continuous distributing coffee to people on the street at fixed times

– other movie night Tuesday, Dec 13

– Birthe to ask Eddie

– new vote, closed pole

– Birthe to send around email to everyone – to pick movies from list

– Later discussion evening – would attract discussion-orienting people

– make voting for topics

– location

– keep Sundays for organizing

New locations

– wait, if there are suddenly lots of people, we reconsider

– suggestions – Squat

Questions/other Issues

German article translated by Oskar

– Occupy in Amsterdam

– camps in 30 cities, also in small town

– 75% of tabloid readers support movement

– neo-liberalism, Wilders

– now protest culture is coming back, rising movement

– lots of cultures, artists


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