Minutes of Meeting 5th February 2012

Meeting 12 – Community-Building Working Group Occupy Groningen


February 5, 2010 – at Kult – 7.30 to 10.30 pm


In attendance: Selma, Maria, Brian, Birthe


Maria and Selma report back from visits to the Occupy camp

– the Occupiers were happy about the visit, showed them around the camp, which they made really comfortable

– there is info material, flyers.. electricity and gas supply

– a library, workshop and lecture room/tent are in progress

– Have a list they need [especially chairs, tables, books for the library, pallets for insulation]

A complete list may be on the occupy – website

– they suggested to use Diaspora instead of fb

– they offered space for the movie night – the tent is large, fits around 50 people, there is a beamer, it wasn’t that cold

> we could have the movie night there

– Maria and Brian will visit the camp tomorrow (Monday, Feb 6th) to bring pallets and confirm the location for the movie night

We will work on compiling articles and papers that can be made into topic-specific readers for the Occupy library.


Movie Night Organizing

Last week we set the date for the movie night to be the 14th. Because of uncertainties about peoples’ commitment to valentine’s day – the movie night will be on Friday, Feb 17. If we need to, we will arrange an extra meeting on the 14th to plan for the movie night – this will be decided at the next regular meeting (Sunday, Feb 12).

Brian will check for a copy of the movie tonight.

Maria will ask if Maja can print the flyers.

Maria and Brian (and anyone else) will watch the movie on Monday and confirm the location.

On Tuesday, Feb 7, we will meet in the chat room of SayOccupy.com at 7.30pm to exchange on the movie choice, location, and schedule for flyer distribution. A summary email will be send to everyone afterwards.

Maria will take care of the flyer design and send it to Maja on Wednesday. (We should mention on the flyer, that we will take care of keeping the space and everyone in it warm). Flyers should be ready for distribution on Thursday – information will be exchanged via email.


There is a beamer at the Occupy Camp. Selma could organize sound. B will bring the laptop.


We could make and sell cake, coffee, tea at the event and use it for expenses.

(Ask around for large ‘thermal containers’ for keeping hot drinks hot)


From now on, we will start a list with expenses – Until announced otherwise, Selma will take care of the list. So if you are in charge of buying something for meetings and events, e.g. wood, drinks.. make sure to let Selma know how much you spent for what. We will discuss this further at the next meeting.


Workshop – Tues Feb 21

… to strengthen community

Maria and Brian will check with the Occupy Camp if the workshop can happen there.

Prepare and have dinner together.

Brainstorm, explore designs for banners, flyers, posters,…

We need to collect painting materials, the sooner we start…

Selma can bring chalk, Brian and B will organize some basic poster-paint and brushes.

We want this to be an event for the group, so we will advertise it on fb, the blog and at the movie night. We will not create/distribute flyers for this first workshop, as it is only 3 days after the movie night.


Global Day of Protest – May 12th

An international meeting [Netherlands, Belgium, France, Brazil, Canada, USA, Italy, Spain] on December 17 confirmed the date of May 12th 2012 as the next huge global day of action. There is a fb page which is used for coordinating and gathering info. https://www.facebook.com/pages/12M-WorldrEvolution/238317372907223

Because the Chicago G8 2012 starts on May 15th, we will consider a series of day protests on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of May in connection with building a larger occupy camp site.

We will have monthly meetings to organize and prepare for this event – the first 12M prep-meeting will be Tuesday, Feb 28 – 7.30pm at Kult, we will brainstorm ideas and formulate first plans.


Brian will bring proposal for next Sunday meeting with background info about a possible meditation (and other things) –expert. Maybe combine with 12M.



Networking site – alternative that combines fb and google groups

People who tried it like it, and encourage everyone else to sign on. We will meet in the chat on Tuesday, Feb 7 (see above).


There is a ‘blog post’ function – we will use this to upload the ‘Why do I occupy’ documents (optimally until the end of February) – so that we can collect this diversity of reasons, inspirations,…, It will give people (including ‘us’) an opportunity for understanding and exchange..


Concern about situation Iran- Iraq  

Brian will collect info until next meeting about (global) demonstrations aimed at stopping the (possible) war.

– connect with Occupy Amsterdam





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