Minutes of Meeting 4th March

Attending: B, Stefan, Jess, Han

Reports: Playing with Paints workshop – Oskar’s plan of the silhouette of a crowd plus a the Martinitoren in the background seems good. Stefan would like something “aggressive” added, but this idea seems troubling to others. Han suggests slogan: change is the only constant factor in the universe, revolution is inevitable. A bit long? Jess suggested that we might want to wait until the stencil is available to make a banner. There was some question about whether the name “community-building working group” is really descriptive. This is something that needs to be discussed with everyone. In the meantime we can do the silhouette development and stuff. Another workshop on the 10th, from 2-5pm. Jess to check with Brian whether he can pick up her lamp on the way (to draw silhouettes with.)

Occupy GA – Presented Selma’s report. Han, who was there, explained that someone had been asked to leave the occupation for a week. There doesn’t seem to be a written report from today’s meeting, but it will be presented to the GA this week.

Rape culture discussion group report – presented, and will be placed with the strategies document and reader in a folder at the occupy camp. Deemed a successful intervention.

12 May planning meeting, no current location. Stefan to book a university room, and email everyone with details. It will go ahead this Tuesday at 18.30.

Movie nights to be held at hospital squat because Occupy camp tents will be full. Jess to email contact person about booking these; ask about cost…? (UPDATE: Ype told Jess that the camp will still have the big tent free, so movies can still be held there!)

No Revolution without Inclusion organisation. The group is committed to funding Flavia’s train tickets. Waiting to hear back about whether the 24th is a good day (the 17th is the day of another action).

B to make a flyer, send it around tomorrow, Jess to make the other, so that we wind up with two flyers one for movie nights and one for no revolution without inclusion. B to update blog calendar so that there’s an agenda for March.

Remind Oskar of his role as facilitator (needs to happen even if he isn’t attending).

Rework Welcome to Occupy speech… Needs to be shorter. Put this on the agenda for next week.

Han has a suggestion: “freedom ahead”. “The Corporation”.  He will circulate trailers to the rest of the group. Should we preview these movies?

Maybe we can attend the International Socialists meeting about Iran and then a week later have s discussion about these issues. Stefan will try to find out when the meeting will be.

Put off discussion of rape culture action til there are more people at a meeting.

Green peace action. It would be good to hear a bit more about what’s happening there. Stefan to write and invite key Greenpeace activist to attend a meeting in the next few weeks and tell us more about it.

Options for another meeting place: Kult, university or Jess’s house. Defer discussion to next week, when hopefully there will be more people in attendance.






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