Minutes of Meeting 29th January 2012

Minutes 01/29/2012


In attendance: Marlena, Birthe, Maria, Stefan, Selma, Jess


Solidarity Sunday – Occupy Oakland

Birthe, now on twitter, has heard about Solidarity Sunday: police arrested 300 protesters claiming that they were really violent. Police making use of kettling, rubber bullets etc. B to put the video from Oakland on the FB page.  Discussion of how much people trust the media. People expect it in other countries, but not in the Netherlands. S proposed that we show some images of police violence. J suggested that we have a session where we show this and also have a discussion of the legal rights of protestors in the NL. It would also be good to have a discussion of techniques for protecting against police violence and managing non-escalation. Group all in favour – before the 12th May.


Jonny Workout’s message

The group would like to express thanks to Jonny for his solidarity.


Sluiskade Occupy

– participate in GA’s

People feel a bit ambivalent – the inability to speak Dutch is a bit of a problem.  Maria, Selma, Marlena and Stefan will go to the Occupation and take cake on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone who wants to join them is welcome to. They will meet at McDonalds on Westerhaven at 14.00. Maria will organize food.


Meeting with RD

There doesn’t seem to be anything in their minutes about it, so we will just wait till they get in contact with us about this.


Schedule February


Meet once a week? Sunday meetings will happen all the time, and Tuesday when we have events coming up, to keep people on track.



One movie night and one workshop to be held in February. Movie night should be slightly more up – so maybe Jess could research some grassroots docus which show local success but still engage with politics. Some debate about whether to hold movie night on Tuesday or Friday – both work, but we should work out which one is better by testing both again (Tues was biggest in the past two): so 14th for movie night.

Jess to come up with movie options, email them to everyone


Workshop the 21st brainstorming design session for general poster and banner and 12th May ad.  have food together before hand (soup that could be made on-site or brought along and reheated – B to check with Edi and check out the other squat for facilities.) S will check on a brand new squat out towards Zernike

Jess to put a calendar on the blog. Marlena will develop the Workshop generic flyer (to be used for all workshop sessions, unless we get really enthusiastic during the design Workshop.


Jeroen’s reminder – 12th of May Global Day of Action

It is important to do something for this day. This might mean we need to organize a big networked meeting with as many of the other political groups in Groningen. Also need to invite people from local villages. S to collect and collate a list of all the political groups in Groningen and their contacts. B will research 12th May and bring back a report to the group next week.


Say Occupy Networking site

Like FB without the censorship! B to post on facebook and email around. Everyone to check out so we can make a decision about how important it might be to move over to it.


Google groups/email list

Maybe should be replaced with sayoccupy website?? We will check out sayoccupy and see, because we don’t want to keep platform hopping


Other points




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