Minutes of Meeting 26th February 2012

Minutes of meeting 26th February

Attending: Stefan, Jess, Selma, Brian, Oskar

Rape culture reader and discussion of proposals concerning consequences

– A member of the group does not feel safe in our group anymore due of the discussion we had last week

– B put together a reader about rape culture. Everyone will receive a pdf of the reader from Jessica

– Tuesday at Jessica’s place discuss rape culture, based on the reader:

– Find ways together to actively create safe spaces. Make the community building working group a safe space

– Meeting at 6.30pm for those who want to eat pizza, and 7pm for those who want to directly join the discussion

Facebook group ownership

– Someone else to take care of scheduling meetings, putting up minutes etc.

→ Oskar is willing to do it

– for the future online communication: Brian to ask friend about forum template and whether it is possible to integrate it in the WordPress blog

Do another design workshop with more advertisement ?

– Next saturday 3rd march 2 to 5 pm

– Stefan brings ravioli, Jess brings a soup

– Brian makes something sweet

– Without flyer’s and advertisement

– Everyone to announce via the email list whether they will participate or not

12th may coordination meeting

– RD willing to participate

– This week wednesday we need someone to go to the GA of the occupy camp

Selma, marlena? and if marlena can’t, Stefan can go with Selma

– Jess makes a booking for a room at the hospital for next Tuesday, the 6th may

– Jess asks hessel, rob and bob. Stefan gives Jess bobs contact

– Stefan gives Jess also the contact of the socialistic party

– Till our next meeting everyone might collect some ideas for the 12th may action

Flavia’s workshop

– From Argentina lives here since 10years now wants to talk about racism

– possible name for the event: “no revolution without inclusion”

– possible dates: 17th or 24th march, 2 to 5pm respectively

– Jess to ask Flavia if she is fine with that particular name and time

Calendar for march

– Selma: suggested to have flyers with agendas for the whole month and also flyers for every single event

– Iran discussion postponed to April

upcoming movie nights

– 20th march and 27th march, 8pm respectively

– Oskar thought about 2 movies about water privatization and arising conflicts due to water scarcity “water wars” and “Then the rain”

– advertise it as two connected movie nights


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