Minutes of Meeting 22nd November 2011

Fourth Meeting of the AlternaOccupy Working Group

At Kult – 22.11.  – 7.30 to 10 pm

In attendance: Maria, Selma, Jess, Oscar, Vlady, Hessel, Brian, Birthe, Moritz, Chris


Info night 29. Nov

> room is booked – M0061 – 5-7pm

– introduce what occupy means, what occupy movements there are

– invite speakers from RD and waagplein occupation

– what if more people come? > space for about 50, sitting on ground

– Maria&Brian report back from flyering

– in front of university library building not many people

– went to waagplein occupiers to talk, left flyers

> asked for proposal, might be willing to speak at event

> put up sign on their camp for our event

– had nice, diverse discussions with mostly non-students

– some wanted to participate in next planning meetings

– 50 flyers distributed in 2 hours

– talked to people who were interested, but did not want to approach the Waagplein camp

– eg. Person wanted to bring coffee to camp, but didn’t feel like her help was welcome – wanted a space for people to talk to each other, not to just walk past… creative ideas only come through sharing with others

– some people don’t see long-term aim in occupy > had hard time to make them understand it is worth it – try another perspective… people ask for specific aim

– ‘occupiers should just go to work’, ‘they have too much time’ is the image — what do we do about it? Without going into political details.. what is a short good answer?

– people want a prepared bit of information, want leaders they can focus on

> we have done these movements before – they have worked in limited ways. This is trying to create a movement that can open space … to make a decision for what kind of society we want…. we come to understand that our aims to be need to be communal, they need to be shared.

> parliamentary democracy does not work at this point

> eg. Look at prevalence of depression in the Netherlands – the unsatisfaction is there

> ask them questions back – eg.  are you satisfied with current situation?

>> prepare plan for how to react to ‘hard to talk to’ people

– pick up flyers at Jess office

*** Flyers – inform police

> talk to Hessel later

> brian to inform Moritz > if asking the police is necessary

*do we flyer on weekend?

– propose on fb group

Computer-screen at UB

> Oscar will ask Moritz and Sacha


> creative techniques of resistance –vlady // or collaborate [stick picture presentation together – balloon tent/paint riot police]

Petition for cleaners

> list for signatures is here

– recap why we support the cleaners – together with RD

– combine with flyer distribution

> cleaners will do more work for less pay, this protest is what occupy supports – also (and more) important is to show respect

– take it to your student houses, friends, neighborhoods, places you go!

DEADLINE is Friday – point of collection “Jess”

Movie Night

* we can do it at the squat – bring some fire-wood

***do discussion afterwards!

– movie so far only in german ‘for a better world’ [für eine bessere welt]

> do subtitles if necessary

Debtocracy, 2011

> Greece, debt crises, independent movie makers

> compares Greece to argentina and Ecuador [IMF ]

> conclusion: we should try to restructure our system – didn’t really go into dept – we should have discussion afterwards

> hard to understand, greek parts

> directed towards reformist-space

The Inside Job – Matt Damon

> perspective of financial crisis in easily absorbable language

> kinda Hollywood style – grabs attention

Let’s make money

> most professional of documentaries

Money as Debt

*pick 5 movies put them on facebook for voting

> The inside job

> Lets make money

> Debtocracy

> how banks never loose

> fall of the Lehman brothers

What Occupy means to me – living document

*send out special call in email list – upload after 1-2 pages are done

*send paragraphs to Birthe to be included


– should we have banner for public meetings – yes – creative working group

Creative Working Group

> Brian will do that after Info-Meeting Nov.29

> bring proposals to planning meetings

Trolls on fb page


> wait, maybe talk to specific people personally

*make purpose of group clear – make explicit that unrelated things will be deleted, trolls banned?


> discuss next time

Have regular meeting Sunday, Nov 27

Have practice meeting Monday, Nov 28  > Jess to check for room

*future meetings > agenda on fb meeting *** include discussion about occupy related things

> have intro stuff at the beginning to be read – Jess to draft


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