Minutes of Meeting 20th November 2011

Third Meeting of the AlternaOccupy Working Group

In attendance: Selma, Marlena, Clara, Sacha, Stefan, Brian, Jess, Maria, Oskar, Johannes, Moritz, Welmoed, Ruben, Maja, Birthe

At Kult, Sunday Nov 20 – 7.30pm to 9.45pm

*Start using hand signals for meetings.

Occupy Waagplein

– rumors that people are getting sick and might stop camping

– the mayor is looking for ways to get them to leave

– need people from 8-12am, coffee and breakfast  > we could create a timetable

-laws/regulations – “camping laws” // “hygiene risk”

*do we need to camp to be occupy?

– Occupy Berlin: place in front of Bundestag every day, holding GA, smaller working groups, discussion group – do not camp, but be present

– eviction in US brings alternative forms of occupation : more temporary, not fixed

– multiple groups, different locations in one city, day camping, events in open public spaces

– how to occupy without camping

> organize weekly events in the city, discussion groups, interaction events

– variety of locations: university, Squat – ask Eddie > Stefan volunteers

Real Democracy

Support Protest Action by the cleaners

The cleaners want the municipality to change the contracting firm for school cleaning to ensure better working conditions and decent health standards in the schools.

On Friday 25th of November 3 p.m. and 26th of November 2 p.m. protest actions will be hold at Leonardspringlaan (near Martiniplaza). Aim of the action is to raise awareness and collect signatures.

combine handing out flyers for Nov 29 meeting with the petition for the cleaners protest

Info Meeting Nov 29

*policy is to inform police that we are distributing flyers

> Moritz – maybe talk to Hessel

– Brian’s flyer proposal for info meeting *all agreed

*put website on flyer?

– Jess will have location of room Monday

– on screen advertising in University Library screens

– Brian to turn into jpeg > forward to Maria > Maria to upload it to screen at Rug – Sacha at Hanze

– facebook event for info night – Birthe

Structure of info meeting

– have ‘official beginning’ and open discussion at the end

– hierarchic architecture of lecture hall is not perfect – but probably best option

Format: view presentations then ask people what occupy means to them

What is Occupy?

*because occupy is broad movement – lots of things we need to connect [see OWS Declaration]

Creating spaces – so movement happens more democratically run, space for everyone to speak, everyones voice will be heard, be expressed in decision making process … horizontal organizing, to talk about what difference style of organizing makes … Encourage to participate in imagining in what occupy could be … Include people in conversation, rather than live up to checklist of requirements

– invite speaker from waagplein occupation, and RD *preliminary proposal *all agreed

– jess takes proposal to Waagplein GA, and try to get it on agenda

Topics:  [no specific political section]

– opening: zoom in on declaration of new York > does justice to variety of perspectives

– general occupy info [Jess] – global and the local [Moritz, Clara] [Birthe, NYC]

– other European movements // history [arab spring – Oscar, Moritz, spain – Maria]

– creative techniques for resistance

– how to contribute [Sacha, Ruben]

– positive outcomes of past protests [Stefan, Brian]

– leave space at end for talking

– send drafts around, next Sunday have chat about presentations

> Sacha stick presentations together – send them to Sacha by Friday

What to do with political discussions?

> wait for later, we need people to listen that there is a movement now, there is something      to join, then we can discuss the financial crisis..

– focus on information for now > have extra group/meeting for political discussions later

Dutch translation

> ask waagplein occupation to speak in english, if not, then dutch will get translated

– dutch and English slides — Bullet points > split slides!!!

> get slide translated! by friend or volunteering translators [Selma & Welmoed]

– Separate slides for pictures and videos

– maximum talking time 5 minutes – 2/3 slides

– if something is really important email group ask for time extension

– handing out flyers info night 29

> trestle [table with loose legs=] from Brian & Birthe / Stefan

– library                 Tuesday –           12 – 2 Brian, Maria

Wednesday –    12 – 2, Moritz, Clara

Thursday –          11-1, Oscar, Marlena

Friday –                12 – 2, Jess, Stefan ? > cleaners protest

– making flyers > Maja, Jess, Alex – printing and cutting – 100 per day

– Brian to email flyer to Maja on Monday – print Tuesday morning (pick up at heymans, Maja- room 402 // Jess room – 165)

– take flyers to the places you go!

Proposal Movie night

~Money as Debt

> make movie idea, summary, trailer link on fb group – Tuesday will be voted whats best

Day Camp

– noorderplantsoen, nieuwe ebbingestraat

– outreach, conversation in public space, attention, get people to come other meetings, plan other actions with more people

– camp because its warmer than just standing outside // tents are associated with occupy

– inform waagplein occupation, invite to join

– more later

> What Occupy means to me – document – what occupy means to this group

> go to google-docs?

– living document

– maximum one paragraph

– inspiration: declaration of nyc – all issues are intertangled, the issues themselves are complex and complicated..

Next meeting Tuesday Night

– Jess will do agenda – email with suggestions

*Alex Haslam , Studium Generale, Thursday – New Psychology of leadership – talk

leadership http://studium.hosting.rug.nl/en/Programma/Psychology-of-Leadership.html

Communicate through emails > REPLY ALL !


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