Minutes of Meeting 19th February 2012

Minutes Feb 19


In attendance: Brian, Stefan, Marlena, Maria, Oskar, Jess, Birthe

At Kult 19/02/2012    – 7.30 – 10.30 pm


Recap Movie Night

Report for blog:

On February 17, a group of people gathered at the Sluiskade Occupy Camp to watch the documentary ‘Just do it – A tale of modern day outlaws’. It was the fourth event of this working group. 30 people came to see the movie. We enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the ‘event tent’ with couches, blankets and warm drinks. The discussion afterwards gave everyone a chance to express their ideas – some of the main topics we talked about were the goals and reasons for activism and strategies for community building.

If you were there, feel free to let us know what you thought below!


Improvement ideas for next time

– manage space better to fit more people

– get cords in the front out of the way

– chairs instead of couches gives more seats, but is less comfortable

– make the floor more comfortable, have everyone sit on the floor

– ask if we can empty the tent and use the space that was now behind the screen

– heater was heating up the air above – people sitting on ground were a bit cold

– it will get warmer soon, but we should talk more about it

– if we have the screen horizontally, it would be lower – people might not be able to see well

– build/get another screen

– projector sat quite low, cords all on the ground

– have a stand attached to the pole – so the beamer can be higher

– suspending it from the roof

– need more preparation time (a day before?)

– talk with camp about possibilities for improving screen, projector, heater

– camp was about to make benches – we could put cushions on it


– more people on the email list


Thanks everyone!


Workshop [Feb 21]

– Jess will check fabric prices tomorrow

– Brian could go as well

– B to get paint tomorrow – suggestions: action (stadspark)

– we need more cardboard, paper, markers, paintbrushes, pencils

– get cardboard from stores

– sorta goal of the workshop

– could make a logo for this group – banner in the same style

– placates for general use – occupy style, workers rights (seems to be recurring in groningen), solidarity with Greece and other countries (austerity measures), class warfare

– symbolic poster with monster & person .. combined with action

– posters for movie nights, workshops (to have more exciting design, more specific than clipart)

– bring ideas


– we will meet at 6pm for dinner

– bring mugs, soup-cups (re-usable –not plastic throw-aways)

– buy some, if you find cheap ones


– get A3 (colored) paper for posters – we could copy ourselves, just need the paper

– if you get past any..



May 12th Prep Meeting [Feb 28]

– get all politically inclined groups in Groningen together to coordinate – so everyone can organize different bits and we can piece a huge event together

– events in afternoon, at evening sit around have discussion-talk

– mornings and afternoons have specific active-protest action

– B needs to practice guitar

– setting up temporary camp for May 12 to 15 – possibly Noorderplantsoen

– electricity / water access (do we need approval if there is access?)

– ask owners of restaurants/there is supply > festival

– liability issues – need to check laws

– ask the free juristic advice

– discuss with Nanko – talk to major

– have timetable as part of flyering/advertising campaign – with planned events and schedule for the different days

– e.g.  9am – meditation workshop, 11am – painting, 3pm – workers rights

– we need more people to help with organizing


– Brian’s proposal for ‘meditation expert’

– he wants seminar with exercises all day

– needs money > seems weird to ask for entrance from people

– up to us what we want – he can do everything

– Brian’s message: go into yourself, figure out what is really important in life these days

Background: clinical psychology, meditation techniques at Himalaya institute, meditation trainer, founded schools in India, UNESCO water project involvement, some involvement with World Bank, expertise in leader development – connects eastern and western values, want to create thinking of sustainability, using bad institutions for good purposes

– we don’t need everyone at our events have the same perspectives as we

– would be good to have lots of people do exercises together outside

– concern about organizing a commercial event (if we take an entrance fee)

– we need an estimate of the money he wants, we could get the money otherwise – so people do not need to pay

– organize something with the university

– talk more on the prep meeting

– we need to give him a proposal before anything happens


– Stefan’s contact with other groups


– we need a flyer for inviting people to May 12th Prep Meetings

– to leave at squad, bookstore Roza

– not like a flyer, but an invitation

– also contact people directly


– go to assemblies this week

– Jess goes to RD

– B and Marlena go to Sluiskade


– location for meeting

– could have it at squad

– B will ask Jelle – fit 30 people & dinner

– time 6.30pm



– Brian: 35 Couch, 20 Gas (will get 10 back from camp)

– have poster at workshop for money

55 divided by 7 — 9,16 for each person present

– need donation box at every event


RD proposal

– asked Stefan to participate in preparation about worker struggle/cleaner protest

– not really detailed yet

– invite them to plan May 12th actions

– talk about ‘we are more political’ is really offensive and exclusive


Future events

Community-Building Workshop

                – discussion about ‘name’ of workshop

– suggestions: Awareness, Interpersonal Respect, politically aware community building, the politics of activism

– will be decided next week

– Jess had contact in Amsterdam, Flavia – freelance journalist, involved with politics, sexism, racism

– is happy to come give the workshop

Redlightpolitics.com is her blog – check it out


– to make a political, progressive movement – can’t establish the majority first and then address the related minorities

– women aren’t even a numerical minority

– the concept of Tolerance is problematic, because it buys into the majority/minority dynamic – there always needs to be someone who does the tolerating (~only possible from a privileged position)


Brian’s collected info on anti-Iran-war demonstrations

– no info about actions planned in Europe

> we should do information/discussion meeting/event ourselves

> write article for (university) newspaper

– fear of full scale (world) war being close

– definitely now enough awareness

– discussion about details of Iran/Irak/USA/Russia/China situation


Other points

– have another movie night in March

– Oskar suggests to advertise that we will have 2 movies in 2 weeks – people have more options, are more likely to come to one



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