Minutes of Meeting 18th December 2011

9th meeting of the Community-building Working Group

At Kult, December 18, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

In attendance: Maria, Selma, Stefan, Brian, Birthe

– welcome speech will be worked on during Christmas break by Maria & Birthe

– email from Rob:

“I would like to report back about a small demonstration today at Ter Apel where we demonstrated for the freedom & rights of refugees at the VC Ter Apel (Verwijder centrum). There were only 2 persons from Groningen, in total there were some 20-30 demonstrators and some 50 refugees which demonstrated with us.”

– maybe next time we can plan a bit better and turn it into a community-building trip

Movie report

– 35 people for movie, 25 people for discussion

– discussion was nice, Atik did really good job with moderating – got multiple perspectives on Occupy

– discussed the issues such as does Occupy need goals?, what about politicians supporting Occupy?, do you need an enemy to protest against?

– even though we can’t make big steps now, we can do tiny ones to start

– Inside Job > kinda seems like ‘oh, this is too big, I can’t do anything about it’ .. but people need to know, that they CAN take first steps

– lot’s of people didn’t know the movie

-show something more positive next time, something concrete about what we can do – or make that part of the discussion (pre-planned), so people don’t leave overwhelmed and depressed

– take more care with planning discussions

– someone suggested to invite politicians for events and discussions

– need to take of heating the squat room without filling it with smoke and damaging the oven

– use electrical heater

– got 3,60 for donations

– other people need to bring wood – take some from your christmas break location

Next Meetings

-joint meeting with RD in January

– merging? – we are already kinda one group, everyone is welcome to attend any meeting

– good to have a political group, and an event group

– this group is more general, not only political

– definitely work together on specific things, and have one joint meeting every two weeks

– We don’t have a profile as a group – the only thing you need is concern

– real democracy spends lots of time discussing, clarifying, trying to find consensus on their political profile

– Maria proposes diagram with ‘our group in the political spectrum’

–  Grinch meeting on Tuesday (substituting Christmas)

– after January just one meeting per week – Sundays?

(should we consider the techno party?)

Next Movie Night

– pick happier movies – Maria and Brian have ideas “The economics of happiness” // “ the middle path to happiness”

– check if we can find them (University movie library) – Maria & Stefan to check

– think about other weekdays

– Stefan could also ask for space at the hospital squat

Cleaners event

– 5pm to 7pm tomorrow, at Behavioral & Social Sciences Faculty

– Lets support them!!!

– is it English ? not sure – but maybe there is translation

Future Events

– Brian has contact to guy from Institute in Germany where they teach critical thinking, mediation, meditation – will talk to him during christmas break and will see if he would like to come talk with us, about questioning the educational system

– actions, demonstrations

– weekend-camping, with schedules for discussions and planning, music, food

Let’s come up with provocative actions

– in summer – organize concerts with info in-between


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