Minutes of Meeting 15th November 2011

Second Meeting of the AlternaOccupy Working Group


In attendance:  Brian, Moritz, Clara, Sacha, Oskar, Jess, Maria, Birthe


At Kult 15/11/2011 at 7.30pm-10pm.



– recap Waagplein occupation


– next to regular planning meetings (Tuesdays and Sundays) …

** organize info meetings

– lectures/presentations/movies

– University facilities /outside public spaces


>> first ‘info session/lecture’ – Tuesday, Nov. 29

– Jess to check for availability of University lecture rooms

– ideas for flyers to be sent around until 3pm on Wednesday, Nov.16

– Brian to create flyer until next meeting on Sunday, Nov.20

– Moritz to check with Alex for flyers


– Birthe and Jess to ask Waagplein occupiers and Real Democracy to join, present, and discuss at info meetings

[possibly important topics: why are general assembly’s important? How to build community? Why horizontal organizing?]



>> Movie Night – Tuesday, Dec. 6

– possible location: Real Democracy squad / University

– Oskar to check for copy of the movie



– would like to write article about students involved with Occupy

– invited to join planning meeting on Sunday, Nov.20



– join the existing occupy Groningen group


* points for further discussion at the next meeting

– day-camp(ing)


Thanks everyone for showing up with such enthusiasm!


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