Minutes of Meeting 13th December 2011

Eighth Meeting of the Community-building working group


In attendance: Morits, Brian, Oscar, Selma, Atik, Ewan, Marlena, Sacha


At Kult, 7:30-9pm 13.12.2011


Christmas Break


We would like to know who will be here during Christmas and what dates people will return from holidays so that we can arrange a new meeting and also to still be active in Groningen.


Oscar will send out emails regarding this and it would be appreciated if you could let him know either via email or during the movie night on Friday 🙂


The occupiers have been discussing what actions they will take over Christmas, but are still undecided. However, if people are here over the holidays, feel free to join them.


**There will be a general assembly with the other occupiers and real democracy in January.





On Sunday there will be a meeting for all occupy groups in the Netherlands, taking place in Utrecht. The “rule” is that 5 people form every group can go there to discuss and share information and ideas.

Is this something we would like to take part in??


Movie Night 16.12.2011


Movie night will take place at the same location. The movie to be shown is ‘Inside Job’.


Brian will be supplying the wood for the fire and Morits has volunteered to keep everyone warm by attending to the fire during the evening. Oscar will be supplying us with tea and coffee, Ewan with biscuits and Selma will be making glu wine.


After the movie there will be a discussion. Atik has volunteered to be the moderator for this discussion.


**Money donations for the wood, tea, biscuits and glu wine will be much appreciated


After Christmas Break


There will be a General assembly with the other group in January. Therefore at the next meeting we will have to discuss if we continue as a working group or if there is the possibility that we merge with the other groups. 



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