Minutes of Meeting 12th February 2012

Meeting 13 – Community-Building Working Group Occupy Groningen

February, 12, 2012 – Cafe Kult- 7.30 to 9.25 pm

In attendance: Jessica, Birthe, Marlena, Brian

Occupy Camp

– report back

– Do the occupiers need more carpet? Also check out occupiers website for things they still need

-> let Jessica know, maybe she can find something at mamamini .

– I ♥ Occupy & free hugs [Feb 14]: help promotion

– Birthe/Brian/Marlena will be at the occupy camp at feb, 14

Workshop about inclusivity and issues related to the wording of occupy

ask occupiers whether it’s ok to make the workshop at the occupy camp

Jessica will contact Flavia as possible guest speaker

Movie Night [Feb 17]

Ask for occupiers for gas bottles -> do we have to fill them up?

Seats: birthe/brian bring bench and mattress. Look for other possibilities

Jessica looks for blankets/sewing maschine at mama mini

Announce workshop at the movie night

– flyers

Distributing flyers for movie night:

Monday: Marlena

Tuesday: Birthe

Wednesday: Jessica

Ask Maja to print more flyers: Brian

Brian make A4 version for Rob, Maja and Brithe

preview of movie “Just do it – a tale of modern-day outlaws” [Feb 15]

At Birthe’s and Brian’s place

Attendance so far: Marlena, Jessica, Han, Birthe, Brian

→ Whoever wants to come, feel free to join the preview

– Find a moderator for the movie discussion

Workshop [Feb 21]

Everyone should look for material ( paint, cardboard, sheets, fabric, paintbrushes etc.)

Go to fabric shops. Ask for rough cotton-fabric leftovers

Jessica gathers information about prices

Birthe will check market at Tuesday for fabric

Birthe asks occupiers if we can use their big tent for the workshop.

Check out if we have enough Tables/lights

Birthe asks occupiers about donationbox

Workshop: also make decoration for occupy camp ( paint big sheets, take pictures..)

SayOccupy.com -> we could try diaspora instead


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