Minutes of Meeting 11th January 2012

Meeting 10 of the Community-building working group

11.01.2012 – at Kult – 7.30-9.30pm
In attendence: Moritz, Oskar, Selma, Clara, Marlena, Birthe

Global Protest on Jan. 15
-not enough time to plan and execute something awesome
-there will be more events like this – we should pre-plan for those in advance
-Moritz and Oskar to check what is going on in other cities (e.g. Amsterdam) – possible day/weekend trip
-Birthe to ask Sluiskade Occupy and Real Democracy what they are up to
-details will be discussed via email

Future meetings
-info/lecture/talk-feedback > in small circle, have one person inform others about specific issues in detail
-make posters, signs, banners for protests and other events

Future events
-have regular movie night, once a month
-discussion tent in public place (maybe advertise discussion schedule e.g. 2pm – financial system discussion, 5pm – privilege discussion,…)

Joint meeting with RD
-once we know the exact date, have a meeting to discuss in more detail
-Birthe to ask if there is a proposal or other details

Next meeting – after exams???


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