Minutes of Meeting 11th December 2011

Seventh Meeting of the Community-building working group

In attendance: Rob, Ype, Reitse, Han, Stefan, Hessel, Nanko, Maja, Danny, Selma, Maria, Marlena, Birthe

At Kult, 7.30 – 9pm


– it’s good to have the welcome speech, but we need to shorten it =)

Listening translated and read by Ype:

when I’m asking you to listen to me
and you start giving me advice
then you’re not doing what I’m asking you to

when I’m asking you to listen to me
and you tell me
why I shouldn’t feel this way
when I feel this way
then you’re not taking my feelings seriously

when I’m asking you to listen to me
and you think you need to do something
to solve my problems
then you’re really letting me down
how ever strange this might be

maybe that’s why
for some people, praying works, or being out in nature
because God or nature
don’t give you advice
or try to make things work for you
they just listen and trust that you’ll manage on your own

so please, just listen to me
and try to understand me

and if you want to say something
wait a minute/ a little and i promise you
in return, I’ll listen to you…


Reflections last movie night

– discussion was great

– some people said they would like to come again and participate in planning meetings

Updates on Occupation

– new army tents are pretty strong, even against the extreme weather

– bought 4 tents themselves, 2 more are donated

– can all have discussions there at camp

– stable number of participants, but more tents – one specifically for information

– ‘information phase rather than sleeping phase’

– Wednesday GA will decide on a proposal for Sunday 2-4pm coffee for neighborhood – writing letter to build community – the more people come, the better

***Birthe to announce on fb after decision on Wednesday GA

– have the big tent prepared

– have translation possibilities

Next Movie Night

Friday, Dec 16 – 8pm

> movie: Inside Job, discussion afterwards

– Rob made proposal to Gemeente Groningen – with access to Beamer and Projection

– for 100 euros or less

– keep option for next events (Post-pone until January)

– Birthe to ask Eddie for room for this Friday

// alternative: Han will ask the hospital squat for possible use of the movie theatre

– Maria to do flyers

Christmas Break

-postponed for discussion on Tuesday

Proposal from Rob

– form working groups to investigate certain things about the crisis

– Real Democracy has something like that already, let’s join forces

Proposal from RD

– have meeting together, after coming back in January

– discuss further on Tuesday

Google groups

– need people to respond to emails!

– re-activating the ‘main-occupy-mailing-list’ for general occupy info, agendas and minutes

– some platform for all groups to engage and exchange

Other points

– Tuesday 9.30pm , at Vera , amnesty international, around 5 euro entrance

What is happening throughout the world?

– next Sunday, national occupy meeting, every occupy group can delegate 5 people to the meeting

– in Utrecht

– do not know what will be discussed, more info will be posted by Ype

– occupy Amsterdam

– invitation from Han to come to his house to watch movie about immigrants

– tomorrow, Monday, 8pm, ***ask Aluka Daray for address

– Real Democracy

– meet every Thursday, 7.30pm

– facebook ‘Real Democracy Now Groningen’ & google groups & wordpress.com blog

– ask students groups to have actions at university

– advertise at UB – couple days before per email – put ad in certain format, not too political, they put it up on screen

– periodically put up screen ads about Occupy & RD generally

– or just for events

– Nanko offers beamer and screen for use – so would only need a room

– do something before Christmas, so that people leave and won’t forget occupy is there

– Maria to do flyers – put meeting point on, Maja to print Wednesday morning

– then figure out flyering

> Wednesday – Denni, Han

> Thursday – Marlena, Maria, Maja

> Friday – Selma, Hessel

– movie suggestion from Danny for the ‘movie-pool’ – The Corporation, documentary


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