Third Movie Night Report

On February 17, a group of people gathered at the Sluiskade Occupy Camp to watch the documentary ‘Just do it – A tale of modern day outlaws’. It was the fourth event of this working group. 30 people came to see the movie. We enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the ‘event tent’ with couches, blankets and warm drinks. The discussion afterwards gave everyone a chance to express their ideas – some of the main topics we talked about were the goals and reasons for activism and strategies for community building.

If you were there, feel free to let us know what you thought below!


Movie Night III

Join the Movie Night at the Occupy Camp! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Just Do It: A Tale of Modern-Day Outlaws

“Just do it” takes you on an astonishing journey behind sthe scene of a community of people who refuse to sit back and allowt he destruction of their world. This movie serves as an inspiring example of successful and creative forms of protest, as well as strategies for community building. We will show the movie in a large, heated tent at the Occupy camp – there will also be hot drinks and blankets!

Occupy Camp @ Park Sluiskade, behind the Media Market

Friday, February 17th, from 20.00

Calender February

Movie Night II

We’re planning another movie night!

And we need your help to pick a film. Which of the following do you think should be the first movie we show? Please note that if you want to suggest another film, you should use the ‘contact’ form above to let the working group know! (There’s also a poll running on our fb page – we’ll add the votes together at the end!)


First Movie Night Report

On December 6, a group of people gathered at the Hunzerheem Squat to watch the documentary ‘Let’s make money’. It was the second event of this working group, and we’re satisfied with how it went. Our advertising and flyering actions the days before seemed to have been successful – 35 people came to see the movie.

Since the documentary showed several contrasting viewpoints about the workings of our current monetary system, our intent was to provide space for people to exchange their ideas and thoughts afterwards. 23 people stayed for a two-hour discussion around the fireplace.

If you were there, feel free to let us know what you thought below!

Movie Night