About us!

Welcome to Occupy Groningen!

Groningen is a city in the northern part of the Netherlands. We are a group who developed around wanting to build the community surrounding the Occupy Groningen movement. We hold events to let people know what is happening with Occupy, and to help inform people about current global and local concerns related to the major concerns of the Occupy movement. We welcome all those who wish to contribute to the movement to get in contact, to join the facebook group, and to come along to events and meetings. Although our meetings are usually held in English, because that is the language shared most amongst those who are currently attending, we try to be as open as possible about negotiating across languages; please let us know if you think this is going to be a problem, and we will try to come up with a solution!

To be part of occupy, you don’t need to subscribe to any particular political belief systems, or sign up to a set of plans or actions. Occupy is designed to be a movement that builds broad alliances across differences of opinion; your expression of your position will always matter to the unfolding of the community and its actions. And so we invite you to come along, and share your concerns, your grievances, your joys, your hopes and your plans with your community!


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