Upcoming: Meeting 11th December (and call for agenda items)

As usual, there will be a meeting held on Sunday 11th December at 7.30pm (that’s 1930 ur). The meeting this week will be held at Kult, downstairs. Please let us know if you have accessibility needs you’re concerned may not be met (the ‘contact’ form above is the best way to do this!). Please note that this a bar, and thus all of those attending will probably need to buy a drink or two. Again, let us know if you think this might preclude you from participating! We’re considering alternate venues too!

We would also like to call for agenda items. Is there something you would like to have discussed, or propose to the group? We do our best to include everything relevant to the group’s function as a community-building working group in the meetings (without making everyone stay and talk for 7 hours! ;-)). If you do have something you’d like us to talk about, please comment below!


One Comment on “Upcoming: Meeting 11th December (and call for agenda items)”

  1. Rob Heusdens says:

    Proposal to form working groups on several themes:
    * Income, labour & social security/pensions
    * housing issue
    * healthcare
    * education
    * public services

    Who is going to pay the crisis?
    * homeowners who bought a house recently – houses prices fall down
    * low income groups – expected a decrease of income of 12,5%
    * rising unemployment, esp. in the region of Groningen
    * There’s an increasing demand on debt aid
    * Foodbanks have a waiting list
    * Many so-called ZZP-ers (one-person company w/o employees) out of business

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